Who are we?

Howdy and welcome to BeIndie.biz! Do you want to make games? Do you want to convert your passion into a business? Then we’ve got you covered!  We’re a high-quality game-dev education site. And we think big. We’re run by a teeny-weeny two-person team. We focus on quality-first content. BeIndie.biz is run by Alan Thorn and Evy Benita. We’re committed to delivering concise and up-to-date tutorials- the kind that pack years and years of experience into just a few hours. Our tutorials offer an accelerated pathway, moving you from zero-to-pro in next to no time. You can earn a living doing what you love and we’ll show you how.


– Jim CarreyYou can fail by doing what you don't want to do, so you might as well chance doing what you love

If you make fun stuff on the computer, then you’re incredibly fortunate. Without a doubt! You’ve got a big voice in a big playground. The digital world plays a massive part in everyday life. People play games wherever they go- on their PC, mobile device, console and TV. That’s a lot of opportunity… for us! You have easy access to powerful, free-software and free-resources. You can sit down in your home or office to build a worldwide sensation that ends up featured in app-stores as a heavyweight, alongside other games made by larger and better-funded companies. That’s right. Our digital world empowers individuals and small teams to become giants- to make a huge impact at almost no cost. It helps us understand that output is not always proportional to input. That more money and time doesn’t always mean better results.

The upshot is that individuals and small teams- like you and me- can become staggeringly successful very quickly and cheaply. So here at BeIndie.Biz, we’re committed to helping you (and your team) get the best digital education in games development. We teach you how to squeeze every bit of value from only free software, or very cheap software, and how to make the most from everything. This lets you become the most resourceful developer possible. Our mission is to help you live a happy and independent life as a digital creative, succeeding by doing what you love: making games, experiences, and other weird stuff that we all love.


We help individuals and small teams make games and interactive content through our courses and online tutorials. To fulfil our mission in educating the next generation of powerful indies, we make the following important promises to you when providing educational content. It’s our seal of quality.

  • We only teach completely free or really cheap software
  • We only teach cross-platform software. It must run on at least two operating systems
  • We teach both technical and soft-skills. We show you how to use software but also different ways of thinking and working
  • We’re not just about games. We’ll help you make games. But we’ll also help you experiment and explore new opportunities
  • We don’t just teach tools. We also teach business, productivity and creativity skills
  • We take a quality-first approach to our courses. We pack tons of experience into short and fun courses


Alan Thorn

Alan Thorn is a Co-Founder of BeIndie.Biz and is its main gamedev instructor. He’s a game-development generalist with a passion for free and open-source software, especially Blender, Godot and Inkscape. Alan has worked on 33 games over the past 20 years using many different tools. He’s written 30 books and presented 30 video courses on gamedev, covering lots of subjects. This includes: Unity, Blender, GIMP, Unreal, Godot, GameMaker, C# Programming, animation and tons more. Basically, he loves making games and teaching the process! Alan is currently the Head of Games for the BAFTA-winning National Film and Television school, London. He leads their innovation-focussed post-graduate course in Games Design and Development. Alan also founded indie-studio Wax Lyrical Games in 2010, which developed the award-winning and best-selling adventure game Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok. Alan enjoys sunshine, philosophy, good humour, mathematics and being indie! His personal site is: https://www.alanthorngames.com


Evy Benita is a Co-Founder of BeIndie.Biz and is its main art instructor. She’s a creative-generalist with a contagious passion for enamel pins, merchandising, animation and super-charged coffee! Evy founded the EvyB merchandise company where she designs and sells enamel pins, clothing products, stickers, and other fun home-made collectibles. Evy has launched many hugely successful Kickstarter projects, and worked as an artist for the gaming and entertainment industries for 3 years- using Blender, Inkscape, Photoshop, Procreate, and many more excellent tools! Be sure to check out her in-depth tutorials right here, at BeIndie.Biz. Evy created the App Game Raytale, and the cutesy-platformer Sprinkle Palooza. She loves animals, wildlife, plushies, candies and creating heartwarming artworks. Her personal site and artist blog is available at: https://www.evybenita.com