Godot 3.2 – Tips and Tricks – C#

Course Summary

Used Godot before but want to improve? This completely free online course explores a selection of fun tips and techniques to improve your Godot 3.2 skills. Godot is a free and exciting game engine- an upcoming tool of the future. By the end of this course, you’ll see how to create a variety of effects, features and gameplay elements for many types of games and applications. This course is presented by expert game developer, and author, Alan Thorn. So fire up your computer, install Godot and let’s get started.

What you’ll learn

BeIndie.Biz Course Description

In this course you’ll see how to use Godot through practical examples. Create animated logos for your intro screens; or make scrolling textures for skies and seas; or illuminate 3D scenes to improve realism; or configure physical interactions to make objects bump into each other believably. Instructor Alan Thorn presents easy to follow tutorials on interesting case studies in Godot 3.2. So follow along with us in easy steps and become a more powerful Godot developer whatever your skill level


SoftwareGodot 3.2, Visual Studio Code
OSWindows, Mac, Linux


AuthorAlan Thorn
Files IncludedYes
MediaText, Video

Course Content

Lighting and Physics
Coding Tips
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