Author: Alan Thorn

Alan Thorn is an expert on leading technical teams for games development. He previously worked at Microsoft, Teesside University, Packt Publishing and Disney. Alan specializes in helping 'tech heads' thrive and flourish in their chosen fields. With 18-years game industry experience, Alan has written 28 books, presented 30 online courses and created 33 games including the award-winning adventure, Baron Wittard. Alan is dedicated to helping creative people make high-impact experiences. He was Studio Director at Wax Lyrical Games, a Senior Author at Linkedin Learning, and now he currently leads the prestigious MA programme for 'Games Design and Development' at the BAFTA-winning 'National Film and Television School', an incubation space for breakthrough gaming talent. Alan is a pioneer of the new 'Open Stream' model of Transformative Learning, and he advises in Higher Education on disruptive curriculum content and instructional design. Alan speaks passionately worldwide about the future of interactive experiences

What is a game engine?

This article explores game engines. You’ll learn what they are, how they work, and how to consider which one is right for you. Game engines are a large topic, but it’s really easy to get started. Game engines are a type of program dedicated to game development. Learn more…

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