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Making Your First Game in Godot 3.2 with C#

6 HOURS – Learn Godot and C# by making your first game in this practical and free course

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Godot – Tips and Tricks for Beginners – C#

3.2 HOURS – In this course we explore the Godot engine. Learn how to make games

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Hey there! BeIndie.Biz is an online tutorial site helping you learn game development, the indie way. Learn from Alan Thorn, a veteran game developer and author.

Watch our courses and learn to make games step by step; no previous experience needed. Get results fast using only free software; including Godot, Blender, GIMP, Krita and more. Follow along on Windows, Mac or Linux…

Game Development

Learn to make games from scratch, step by step with our complete video courses for beginners. Learn Code, Art and Design with powerful game development software

Free Software

Our tutorials use only completely free and open-source software that runs on all major platforms. No need to buy expensive tools. You can make high-quality games for free

Tutorials by Alan Thorn

Develop the generalist skills needed to survive as a indie game developer. Learn business, production and idea developerment to make a living by making games

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